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4 Keys to Strategic Leadership

Change and uncertainty often fosters an environment of fear which leads to a lack of trust. The lack of trust can slow things down and create a higher cost of doing business. Building trust and restoring confidence can significantly impact bottom line results as well as employee moral. A more strategic approach to leadership can help your management team turn it around.

Strategic Leadership is the art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its desired results. Strategic leaders narrow the focus to four key results areas:

1. Exceptional Performance

2. Loyal Customers

3. Engaged Employees

4. Unique Contribution

Exceptional Performance

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins defines this as sustained superior performance. In the “For Profit” arena that would be top line, bottom line and stock price. In education it may mean graduation rates or test scores. In the “not for profit” arena it may translate to serving the target population to the best of our ability. What defines exceptional performance for your organization? Defining and clearly communicating will help to build trust and confidence.

Loyal Customers

Loyal, not just satisfied customers. Do you have customers who are marketing for you, and referring others? If not, ask why not.

Engaged Employees

Engaged employees are those who use their talents, bring their best to work, know the strategic alignment and who find purpose in their role. They are essential to sustained superior performance. Are your employees engaged in the results of the overall organization?

Unique Contribution

If your organization suddenly went away, would it be missed by the community or society at large? What is your organizations unique contribution?

In addition, leadership style will greatly influence the four key result areas. What is your leadership style? Operational or Strategic?

By utilizing a strategic approach to leadership you can bridge the gap during organizational transition.

For help developing your strategic leadership, contact us! We develop business leaders through coaching, leadership development programs, and strategic planning. We would love to partner with you to make both you and your business, leaders in your field. For a competitive edge, call Holyfield International!

Tammy Holyfield is the founder of Holyfield International, a business and personal development company. Holyfield International works with business professionals, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers, leaders and individuals from all walks of life, teaching skills that are proven, practical and get results. She is also a business and personal coach, professional speaker, author and consultant. For information on organizational solutions or to reach her visit or call 619-431-1345. Follow Tammy on Twitter and Facebook for more insights on business and leadership.

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