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4 Organic Marketing Strategies to Build your Brand

Tammy Holyfield

Organic reach simply means that you did not spend a dollar on that particular form of marketing content. There are two different types of digital marketing. Paid digital marketing which requires you as the business owner to spend marketing dollars on growth and conversions. The other type of digital marketing is organic marketing. Organic marketing simply means that you created valuable content that your audience likes and they like it, share it and organically you reach more people based off of your audiences engagement.

Organic marketing is definitely much more time consuming and can require more patience, but overall organic marketing will generally bring in the most loyal customers and clients. On social media it requires seven to eight touches before an individual will convert from a complete stranger of your business to a customer. A touch can be a blog post, a photo, a video, an email, anything that they may come across, so you as the business owner must effective and efficiently be continuously putting fresh new content out to your audience.

Here are 5 organic marketing strategies to build your brand online.

  1. Ask for Reviews

What many people don’t know about reviews, especially on Facebook, is that when one person writes a review on your business their entire group of friends also see that review. On average one person has about 500+ friends. That means that your business is being seen by potentially 500 new people every single time one person writes a review. Simply reaching out to loyal customers and asking their opinion can help you create a stronger brand online and makes it easier to be found by new customers.

2. Valuable Blogs

Blogs are a really great form of content. You have the flexibility of making it long or short and you can discuss anything you think is important. Blogs help to build valuable content to your audience on social media and once someone clicks through to the blog, you want to make sure that you have a strong call-to-action, asking your reader to do something. Generally asking them for their email address by subscribing to your blog or to learn more and directing them to your website. Even encouraging readers to share blogs on their profiles, that opens your audience to more people again.

3. Ask Your Current Customers to Create a Post

Asking your loyal customers to post something on their Instagram accounts or Facebook accounts creates an organic buzz around you and your business that works very similar to referrals. Even creating an incentive such as 10% off their next purchase for checking-in to your business or tagging your business on a Instagram post for a $10 giftcard is a win-win for everyone. It encourages your loyal customers to brand your business for you in an organic way and they get an incentive as well.

4. Collaborate with Another Business

Collaborations is a really great win-win marketing strategy. You get to take advantage of the other businesses audience and the other business gets brand new exposure to your audience as well. Collaborations can range in creativity depending on your industry. Going live with another business and discussing relevant topics for your audience and theirs can be beneficial for both audiences.

Digital marketing does not have to be expensive. You want to be able to develop a mixed strategy of paid marketing as well as organic marketing that works. Being tactful and smart about your marketing strategies is what will give you the most bang for your buck or the most bang for your time and effort.

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