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Meet The Team

Our Mission is to empower extraordinary results in people and organizations. We specialize in improving your performance and maximizing your outcomes. Our goal is to coach, teach, mentor and equip you to realize your own human potential, and to achieve your desired results so that you can truly enjoy a life of fulfillment.


We are a Christ-Centered team that is passionate about each mission God entrusts us. Through the leadership of our Organizational Chaplin, RS we pray and cover every person we work with. 

Tammy Holyfield

Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


Tammy is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and Founder of Holyfield International. Holyfield International is a business and personal development company that strives to help you reach your goals. Her mission is to teach, empower and equip people to live their best life everyday. Tammy teaches techniques and strategies that are easy to understand and to put to use immediately to achieve better results.  

Tom Rawlings

Leadership Development Coach

Tom is an author, speaker, and Founder of Homegrown Leadership. Tom has been in leadership for over 30 years. It was in his role as an Executive Pastor that he really began to realize the need for leadership training. As a business leader, he received ongoing training in how to become a better manager. But training on how to be a better leader was something that was missing. 

Tom brings to the table a wealth of knowledge about practical leadership. His knowledge of sound customer service principles is also invaluable to the growth process of organizations. He has also earned his Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma from NC State University. When combined, Tom communicates practical, solid ways to improve your leadership skills as well as sound principles for improving your customer service.

Penny Rawlings

Efficiency and Organizational Specialist

 Like Tom, Penny has a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, which is a system for determining ways to become more efficient and reduce waste. She uses this insight to help organizations reduce "wasteful" resources and become more efficient in the processes they utilize in business. Penny brings to the table the unique ability to organize and help create efficiencies by analyzing processes, performance, and resources and determining ways to make each of these better by reducing re-work, eliminating unnecessary steps, and creating a more natural flow to the process. 

Devay Campbell

Human Resources and Compliance Specialist


Devay is a Certified Human Resources professional, Best-Selling Author and Career Coach with a proven track record of success in diverse industries ranging from 150-16,000 employees. Her passion for people is demonstrated in her dynamitic HR workshops and corporate training sessions. Devay’s expertise is in development and facilitation of leadership, student and staff training/workshops including: HR Law, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Retention, Recognition and Rewards, Diversity, Team Building, EEO Laws, Conflict Resolution, Resumes, Personal Branding, Corrective Actions, Interviewing and Recruiting.

Chase Holyfield

Director of Technology and Media


Chase has been immersed in the process of learning success principles since birth. He loves working on new projects and mastering new technology and media platforms. Part of his role is to oversee our website, audio blog, and radio show production. He also handles all the sound, lighting and set design for our live events. Chase has been working with Live Events, producing Radio Shows, creating dynamic lightning, and sound experiences since he was twelve years old. 

Amy Lucas
COO (Chief Operating Officer) 

Amy is a global financial operations specialist. Over her 20 year accounting career, Amy has managed over 400 million dollars in University Research funding, operating in 30 countries. Her expertise includes audits, budgets, compliance, financial operations, managing contractors and consultants as well as data reporting. Amy has a passion for ensuring our clients have a clear picture of their current financial position. She assists in establishing goal based budgeting, realistic forecasting, a healthy balance sheet, and developing strategy for funding, capital, expansion or acquisition as well as providing knowledge and practical systems to maximize their revenue potential. 

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