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Simple Tips for Effective Communication

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Tammy Holyfield

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes

Communication is what makes the world go round. In order to get what you want you need to be able to first know what you want and communicate that to the world. Here are 5 simple tips for effective communication in the work place as well as in your personal life.

1. Never make Assumptions

Assumptions can easily be the main reason communication gets lost. The best way to get clear understanding in the line of communication is to ask the questions you want the answers for. Get a direct answer for what you want to know and you’ll never have to assume again.

2. Be Direct and Sincere

There is a fine line between being direct and coming across rude. When speaking to someone, especially if it is over email or text, you want to be direct with what information you want to get but also be sincere in your approach. Say “please” and “thank you” and let the person know that you appreciate their assistance.

3. Active Listening

When people are engaged in conversations, many people are already thinking about how they are going to respond to the other person before they are even done speaking. Effective communication requires active listening. Truly paying attention to what the other person has to say completely.

4. Body Language Speaks Volumes

The way that you carry yourself in front of others is already telling the other person whether you are open to conversation or not. If you are standing with your arms crossed you are immediately telling them, “No.” When you are standing with your arms to your side and you are open and ready to receive open communication, people can tell simply based on how you are standing. Be conscious about your body language and that you are open to receiving new conversations and open communication.

5. Smile

A smile can go a long way. It tells others that you are positive, happy and kind in nature which opens up conversations. A simple smile can change someone’s entire day. Smile even when you are on the phone, people can feel your positive energy through your voice and that can change the dynamic of the conversation.

Communication is the center of how we accomplish so much within our lives. The way we are able to communicate to others about our dreams, goals, ambitions and even needs can change your life. How do you effectively communicate to others what you want? What is your best tip in communicating effective with others? Share your tips, opinions and questions with us!

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