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There are countless times throughout both our business and personal daily interactions when we feel weary or burdened by the continuous press of issues and challenges. It’s at those moments of fatigue and weakness that all we need is a little encouragement—someone to listen or a fresh idea to cheer us on and strengthen us to finish our race. That is the role of a coach.

As I reflect on the junctures of my own path, there’s a consistent element that infused my ability to overcome, to press on to the mark, to endure the present hardship that ages our souls—that element is encouragement.

I can remember on every seemingly hopeless occasion when I was poised to quit—the thought that I cannot bare another moment or live through another disappointment, at the very second of despair—I would receive a positive word of inspiration, just enough to fuel the possibility that I’m so close, and I am certainly too far to turn back now. My prayer is that you find hope for the journey you are on i

Ask The Coach (E book)

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